How to choose a cool OpenCase website?

A core component of CS:GO has always been case opening. If you pay close attention, Valve very recently added skins for CS:GO in 2013, exactly like they did for Team Fortress 2 and DOTA 2. Through the skin system, players may buy $2.50 keys or receive in-game awards to get cosmetic pieces.

Players did, however, first obtain products that were considerably less valuable than the key’s actual value. Who would have thought that the opening of cases would go so far in the interim? Thousands of cases are already being opened daily, and the number of sites containing instances is only expanding. So how can you navigate all this variety to discover exactly what you need?

Best Case Opening Sites

CS:GO will continue to be the most popular skin mechanics-supporting game!

Millions of gamers utilize hundreds of various knives, weapons, and gloves in the game, which has a huge variety of skins available. Players have been looking for new ways to obtain in-game cosmetics as CS:GO has grown in popularity. OpenCase websites today provide a similar experience to Valve cases, but at a lesser cost and with a higher likelihood of success.

The most effective method for locating and rating the top case-related website List and evaluate each site in CS:GO according to the numerous criteria that are most important to you. To assist you in finding your preferred website, we have also developed a list of criteria.

Authenticity and legitimacy

There are new websites that provide case opening every day. People always find a way to disregard the law and defraud their clients. Because of this, reputable and trustworthy websites create a number of relationships with well-known Twitch or YouTube streamers who have thousands of fans. Every esports team has sponsors, which are the same websites used to file complaints. So it makes sense to look to eSports groups while looking for websites of this kind.


Good websites stand out in this area when it comes to customer assistance. Always look for websites that provide their users with reliable help. The support staff shouldn’t make you wait more than a day or two to look into or fix a problem or bug. The most efficient approach to communicating with consumers about their requirements is through live chat assistance.

Security and dependability

Finding a trustworthy website that offers the finest user experience is easy to do. Check out the FAQ sections on the most well-known websites; there, you can get comprehensive solutions to the most common queries. In any event, by heeding the aforementioned advice, you may already protect yourself from con games and scams.

Why did I choose Skin.Club? Because this site meets the listed criteria!

Skin.Club is an interesting site that was recommended to me by friends. Like they said, much more interesting colorings drop out here than in Counter Strike Global Offensive itself. Cases are divided in the same way as in the game itself, so it will be easy for a beginner to navigate here.

On the, the user will be able to open many unique cases, each of which will pay off. On the site, you can always find unique bonuses and you can exchange things with the site.

More benefits

  • The site is quite good in terms of functionality and design;
  • There is a system of contracts;
  • The site has an upgrade system;
  • All cases are quite inexpensive;
  • It is very easy to pay off.


In CS:GO, the majority of players purchase cases before spending a lot of money to obtain desirable game items. And they are completely unaware of the fact that they spent more money on cases and keys than the item they actually broke is worth. This leads us to the conclusion that purchasing a skin from a store would be considerably simpler and cheaper. However, there is still a chance to save money because there is a small chance in CS:GO that you will acquire a pricey and uncommon skin from the first or second opening!