How To Get Cool Skin Not For All The Money In The World?

The famous shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is considered the best not only due to the gameplay, but also due to cool skins for guns and equipment, and therefore the question “How to get cool skins in CS:GO” is relevant even today. There are many ways to get top skins like Tale of the Dragon, Medusa, Asiimov, and more. And you can do it for free or for some little money if you make some effort.

The only thing that we do not call for is to leave your Steam account data to suspicious individuals and offices with an unverified reputation!

There will always be those who want to steal your gear, and mindlessly logging in in an attempt to get a freebie is a bad idea, often ending in profit on the part of scammers.

Main options for obtaining skins

To get a cool skin, first of all, you need to know where you can get CS:GO skins outside of the game. Not everyone has the ability and desire to play 100+ rinks a day in the hope of knocking out a case from which another copy of the African Grid or Desert Attack falls. As a last resort, something better, but this happens too rarely.

Consider the most common options:

  • Steam. The traditional way, but wildly expensive. Plus bilateral commission, hellish price tag, etc.
  • Tournament and competitive rinks. Here, the chance of dropping cases and ready-made skins is higher than in random, but often any consumer goods or skins of “military quality” are brought down.
  • Internal exchange. These is already a more interesting option, but you need to at least a little bit study the cost of things before trading.
  • Contracts. Here you are already relying only on your luck. The chance of dropping something really cool is very small, only 5-7%. And at the same time, you must already have 10 skins in order to craft one of them, but of a higher quality.
  • Sites for buying and selling. You register, log in, post the contents of your inventory and actively push your belongings to other players in CS.
  • Tasks. Today, CS GO skins can also be obtained for tasks, and often it is completely free, but you need to look for verified FB groups, telegram channels, etc. Again, check the sites so you don’t get scammed. Even though it’s free, it’s a waste of time.
  • Roulette sites. This method is already directly dependent on your luck and the ability to sacrifice money for the sake of top clothes.

Get skins from case opening!

Today, sites with CS GO cases are popular on the Internet, which offers very profitable offers for obtaining cosmetic items for CS GO. However, no one is immune from scammers who aim to steal data from a guest’s Steam account or force them to lose money on cases. To avoid such troubles, it is better to use the Skin.Club website. But why is it so good?

Benefits of Skin.Club

First of all, you need to highlight the benefits that will help you figure out whether it is worth registering at all. Here are the main features:

  • Authorization goes through the Steam server. That is, service owners will not be able to access data from the account.
  • Favorable bonus offers. For beginners and regular players, there are bonuses that will help you receive items even if there are no funds on your balance.
  • A variety of cases for different amounts of money. According to statistics, approximately every 7-8 openings allow you to recoup the money spent. That is, you can easily get a plus.
  • Bonuses for authorization. There are two options here – log in and get a free case or additionally use promotional codes. In this case, you can get not only a free case but also a bonus for replenishment.
  • Cheap cases. The lowest price for a case starts from $0.15. That is, you can correctly distribute the money on the balance sheet and get a plus.

This is not a complete list, but still, the main one that will help a beginner figure out whether to trust the site. Everyone wants cool skin, also for free or little money, and also StatTrak. Another thing is that getting it is a test in itself, but free of charge – a whole epic. will definitely help you with that!