Top 5 reasons to use OpenCase website

Co-players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pay close attention to beautiful pricey skins. Additionally, all skins in the game have a tendency to rise in value, making them wise investments. However, there is a very slim likelihood of dropping something valuable in official game scenarios. Players, therefore, pick websites where there is a better chance of receiving cool skin.

How do OpenCase sites operate?

If you’ve played Team Fortress 2 or Dota, you’re certainly familiar with their skinning systems. In 2013, Valve chose to implement a similar system for CSGO. The system enables users to obtain CS:GO cases through gameplay, which they can then open to obtain skins for their preferred tools and weapons.

Although these in-game awards don’t offer any tangible advantages, many gamers are interested in these cosmetic things. Each key needed to open one of these crates cost $2.49, and in an instant, Valve’s earnings soared.

Every day, millions of gamers throughout the world opened these cases, but the likelihood of winning or getting your money back from them was low. The majority of people who open CSGO cases will only get something for a little portion of what they spent for the case, which has increased the number of sites where people can open CSGO cases as we know them now.

Players are looking for new possibilities with greater drop rates for the top skins as the CSGO skins market continues to expand. In 2016, the first official CSGO case site was launched, and for many players hoping to obtain new skins, they have since grown to be a crucial component of that.

Opening cases on CSGO websites can save money because cheaper skins can be purchased for just a few cents as opposed to having to pay Valve for them.

5 reasons to use OpenCase website

Sites where you can open CS:GO cases have a number of advantages compared to in-game purchases. Among the most significant advantages are the following:

  • Convenient account replenishment. Each user is given the opportunity to replenish a large number of payment methods. Such platforms allow you to replenish your account with cards from different banks, using electronic wallets, skins of different games, as well as telephone payments.
  • Bonus system. Promotions are regularly held at the sites with the opening of cases. You can often get an additional bonus to the deposit, and discounts are added to popular cases. Thus, the player significantly increases the chance of winning.
  • Variety of cases. Usually in CS:GO cases are created according to a general pattern: a lot of skins of poor quality and a few beautiful skins with a low chance of falling out. On the sites, the player can choose from a large number of available cases suitable. Typically, such platforms can boast cases on different topics: skins of a certain color or quality, with one weapon model.
  • Fast sale. The resulting skins on the site can be immediately sold. No need to wait a long time until the skin is sold. It is enough just to set it at the recommended cost, and the money will be immediately credited to the account. Thus, the player saves time and can continue opening cases without interruption.
  • Stylish design. The design and animation of opening cases in CS:GO are already boring for everyone. Various venues are ready to provide a new experience. Each of these sites has its own unique features.

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