7 best CS:GO Workshop skins we’d love to see in the game

For years, CS:GO has been the most popular shooter online, and one of many things that keeps it alive is the new content that is regularly added to the game.

Valve is making sure players see some changes that shake up the meta now and then by balancing certain weapons, maps, and more. With that, new life is breathed into CS:GO every few weeks.

One type of feature that is also regularly added is new maps and skins. Both of them are often made by the community, who post them in Steam’s Workshop. Once they gain enough attention there, Valve has the opportunity to pick them up, polish them, and officially make them available in-game via new skin cases or operations.

Not every skin in CS:GO was made by the community. In fact, most of them were created by the developers themselves, especially the ones added in the game’s first years. Still, nowadays, there are many skins that are stunning, and would surely make a lot of players happy to see them officially in the game.

So, without further ado, here are the seven best CS:GO Workshop skins that we’d love to see in the game.

AK-47 | Steampunk

Image via mcquiry0

We start the list with a skin that was highlighted by the CS:GO community on Jan. 9. With its combination of brown and black colors and numerous details, the skin truly sells that Steampunk vibe. And while there are no Steampunk skins in the game at the moment, a lot of players would certainly be more than happy to have one. And there is no better way to start a collection than with one of the fans’ favorite weapons, the AK-47.

AK-47 | Printstream

Image via JTPNZ

Another skin worth players’ attention is AK-47 Printstream. The skin line already exists in CS:GO, with some of the most popular weapons like Desert Eagle and M4A1-S having that edition of the skin in the game. All of them are in high demand if you look at Steam’s market, so there’s no doubt that AK-47 Printstream would also become one of the most beloved AK-47 skins in the game.

USP-S | Nightfire Dragon

Image via The Honey Badger

And since we’re mentioned USP-S, it’s worth pointing out one of the best skins for the pistol in the Workshop: Nightfire Dragon. With a mix of purple and pink, this skin is one of the best mixes of neon colors. It also features a drawing of a dragon on the pistol’s main body, which has been drawn in a Chinese style. If it were added, it would definitely conquer the hearts of many USP-S mains in a heartbeat.

M4A1-S | Kamaitachi

Image via The Honey Badger

Another brilliant creation from The Honey Badger that deserves players’ attention is the Kamaitachi skin for M4A1-S. This skin shows a mixture of green and brown, colors which aren’t typically featured in M4A1-S skins in CS:GO. Similar to USP-S Nightfire Dragon, Kamaitachi also has some drawings in the core of its build. Kamaitachi in Japanese means a supernatural being, which often takes the form of a dust devil, which could be what the drawings display.

CZ-75 | Light Night

Image via Senkizh

CS:GO players love neon skins, and CZ-75 Light Night is probably one of the prettiest ones made in such style in the Workshop. With its combination of blue and purple, which cross each other throughout the skin, Light Night becomes one of the best skins for CZ-75 that could be added to the game.

AWP | Phoenix

Image via Mysterion

When making such a list, having an AWP skin is necessary, especially since the CS:GO Workshop is full of fantastic custom-made looks for the most powerful weapon. Phoenix stands out in various ways, with the perfect combination of black and orange, which just seem fitting for the AWP, being one of them. The weapon also has a beautiful phoenix painted on its side, which puts the cherry on top.

Glock | Neo-Noir

Image via donschi

We round out the list with the skin for another pivotal weapon, Glock Neo-Noir. It’s dominated by the classical combination of black and white, with layers of purple, pink, and blue also visible in some parts, which make Neo-Noir one of the most-detailed and pretty skins in the Workshop.