‘AcoR is better than cadiaN’: GamerLegion star sets the stage for Paris CS:GO Major semifinal

GamerLegion obliterated Monte in the quarterfinals of BLAST.tv Paris CS:GO Major on May 18, becoming Heroic’s semifinal opponents as a result. And GamerLegion’s star player believes their AWPer is a better sniper than his counterpart from Heroic.

After the quarterfinal, GamerLegion’s Keoz claimed he sees acoR versus cadiaN’s AWP matchup as a crucial element of the upcoming semifinal, he told Dot Esports on-site in a post-game interview. And when asked why, he simply claimed “because acoR is better than cadiaN.”

When it comes to Heroic, there’s hardly a more vocal personality than cadiaN. The 27-year-old is one of the most famous players in the scene and one of the best players in the event. Currently, he has boasted a 1.17 rating at the tournament, according to HLTV. AcoR, however, is higher than cadiaN in terms of overall rating since he has recorded a 1.18 rating so far.

GamerLegion will more than likely once again come into the semifinals matchup as underdogs. Before the BLAST.tv Paris CS:GO Major began, Heroic were seen as one of the favorites to claim the trophy, and so far, they have lived up to their expectations, by storming through the Legends Stage with a 3-0 record and dismantling FaZe Clan in the quarterfinals.

Yet, GamerLegion also looked more than dominant in their quarterfinal, defeating Monte 16-10 and 16-3 on Mirage and Overpass, respectively. Keoz knows people “still underestimate them,” yet, he promised they will “just show again what we are made of.”

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“We know we just need to play our own game and play with confidence as we always did,” Keoz added after the victory against Monte.

BLAST.tv Paris CS:GO Major semifinals will take place on May 20 in Accor Arena, with the final taking place a day after.

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