BLAST Paris Major talent caught cursing out CS:GO players on hot mic

Renowned on-air talent member and Bad News Eagles team manager James Banks accidentally broadcasted a series of remarks slamming CS:GO players via a hot mic during the BLAST Paris Major Legend Stage on May 14.

The unintentional recording caught Banks talking to other members of talent in the BLAST green room, calling CS:GO professionals “fucking lazy cunts” during the Heroic vs. Liquid matchup, alongside several other private comments from those nearby.

Players from across the globe gathered to spectate one of the first qualifying best-of-three series in the Legends Stage, with Banks’ comments echoing in the background. The words were only heard by those spectating via the in-game GOTV, as shown by Akrioso’s same-day stream, but thousands have since heard them across numerous social media platforms.

Another talent member jokingly replied “We’re just going to focus on our shots,” likely mocking the post-game interviews provided by the various gamers in the pro scene, to which Banks responded, “Play our own game, and suck a bunch of dick in this game as well.”

Banks has been a part of the CS:GO and wider esports scene for years and is known for his versatility, with his talent spreading across various aspects of the industry. The BNE manager has handled post-game interviews for years and has likely dealt with poor communications many times before.

The post-game interview issue has been commented on by various members of the CS:GO community for years, with Banks’ remarks sparking a new discussion over the “cringe” post-game process on Reddit.

The situation is a talent member’s worst nightmare and is just another production error to occur at this week’s BLAST Paris Major. In a mix-up on May 13, a television broadcasting the last rounds of the Into the Breach vs. FaZe matchup was within view of the players, drawing questions surrounding the competitive integrity of the match.

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There’s still plenty of time to go with the Paris Major, and with the Champions Stage and the Accor Arena beckoning, this might not be the last production error we see in the next few days.

Dot Esports reached out to Banks for comment but has received no response before publication.

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