CadiaN left ‘speechless’ after Heroic’s stunning elimination from Paris CS:GO Major

Heroic, one of the favorites to win the BLAST Paris CS:GO Major, were eliminated from the competition after a 2-1 loss to GamerLegion in the semifinals today, leaving many in the CS:GO world in a state of shock.

Despite being one of the very best teams in the world, evident by their second-place HLTV world ranking, Heroic were silenced and had their Major trophy hopes extinguished as GamerLegion reverse swept them in the first semifinal. After the game, Heroic’s in-game leader, cadiaN, tweeted that “even [he] can be speechless sometimes.”

The match started with a 16-13 Heroic victory on GamerLegion’s map pick, Ancient, which most likely elevated their hopes even more. Although on the second map, Inferno, GamerLegion’s isak clutched the round in a one-vs-two scenario, bringing the series to a decider map with a 16-14 score. The third map was Mirage, and there, GamerLegion completely took over and finished Heroic with a 16-6 result.

For Heroic and any other team eliminated from Paris in the last two weeks, it was the last chance to win a Valve-sponsored CS:GO Major. Counter-Strike 2 is set to release this summer, and the next Major will be played on the new game in Copenhagen next March.

Before we finish the CS:GO saga, though, new kings must be crowned. Either Vitality or Apeks will join GamerLegion in the final, with the second semifinal being played today as well. Vitality, a partially French roster representing a French organization, will sport an enormous home-crowd advantage, with the Parisian fans electrifying Accor Arena and potentially making a case to be the loudest CS:GO audience in history.

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The BLAST Paris CS:GO Major grand final will take place on Sunday, May 21.

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