CadiaN’s settings, crosshair, and viewmodel for CS:GO

Heroic’s captain and AWPer cadiaN is one of the most passionate CS:GO pros out there and also a veteran in the scene, having played in the first Major at DreamHack Winter 2013. He has been playing the game since the very beginning, which makes him a perfect example to follow if you’re looking up new settings.

The Dane has played many roles throughout his career but has settled as an AWPer for over five years. If you want to play with the AWP as well, some of cadiaN’s configs such as crosshair and video settings might help you optimize your CS:GO setup.

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Without further ado, here’s every relevant setting cadiaN has in CS:GO, including his crosshair, mouse sensitivity, viewmodel, and config. Remember that some of the settings are purely down to preference, so you might want to make adjustments if it doesn’t fit you.

CadiaN’s crosshair settings

Alpha 255 Color 2
Blue 50 Red 250
Drawoutline 0 Dot 0
Gap -2 Size 2.5
Style 4 Thickness 1.1
Sniper Width 2

CadiaN’s crosshair size is average, not too small but definitely not big. You can check out how his rifle/pistol crosshair and his AWP crosshair look in-game below.

Screenshot by Leonardo Biazzi via Valve Screenshot by Leonardo Biazzi via Valve

Here’s the crosshair code, in case you think cadiaN’s crosshair fits you.

  • cl_crosshair_drawoutline 0; cl_crosshairalpha 255; cl_crosshaircolor 2; cl_crosshaircolor_b 50; cl_crosshaircolor_g 250; cl_crosshaircolor_r 250; cl_crosshairdot 0; cl_crosshairgap -2; cl_crosshairsize 2.5; cl_crosshairstyle 4; cl_crosshairthickness 1.1; cl_crosshair_sniper_width 2;

CadiaN’s mouse settings

DPI 400 CS:GO sensitivity 2.4
eDPI 880 Zoom Sensitivity 1
Hz 1000 Windows Sensitivity 6
Raw Imput 1 Mouse Acceleration 0

Mouse: Logitech G Pro X Superlight Black / Mousepad: SteelSeries QcK Heavy

CadiaN’s video settings

Display Mode Fullscreen Resolution 1280×960 / 240 HZ
Scaling mode Stretched Aspect ratio 4:3
Brightness 100 percent Color Mode Computer Monitor
Global Shadow Quality Low Model / Texture Detail Low
Texture Streaming Disabled Effect Detail Low
Shader Detail Low Boost Player Contrast Enabled
Multicore Rendering Enabled Multisampling Anti-Aliasing Mode 4x MSAA
FXAA Anti-Aliasing Disabled Texture Filtering Mode Anisotropic 4x
V-Sync Disabled Motion Blur Disabled
Triple-Monitor Mode Disabled Use Uber Shaders Enabled

CPU: Intel Core i9-9900K / GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 / Screen: ZOWIE XL2546K

CadiaN’s viewmodel settings

FOV 68 Offset X 2.5
Offset Y 1 Offset Z -1.5
Presetpos 3 Shift Left Amt 1.5
Shift Right Amt 0.75 Recoil 0
Righthand 1

CadiaN’s launch options

  • -novid
  • -high
  • -tickrate 128
  • -allow_third_party_software

If you want your CS:GO to start with the same launch option as cadiaN’s, you must right-click the CS:GO icon on Steam’s Library, click on Properties, and copy and paste each launch option above.

CadiaN’s config

If you want more than using cadiaN’s, ýou can download his config file and make your game run exactly like his, including the same key binds. All you need to do is place the config file in the folder “CSGO” inside Steam’s Counter:Strike: Global Offensive folder on your computer and type “exec config.cfg” on the game’s console.

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