CS:GO fan melds maps together, and the results are far better than you’d expect

There are many iconic maps in CS:GO, each with unique elements. But how would they look if you mashed them together? One fan has an answer.

A CS:GO Workshop creator named KiloSwiss recreated some of the game’s maps while boring textures and models from others. As a result, they made maps like Nache (Cache with models from Nuke) and Dustec (Dust2 with models from Aztec).

Uncanny Valley (the name of the collection) features a total of six maps remade in such a way. When you dive into their details, you’ll quickly realize these maps are more than playable. Some of the maps, though, like Dustec, are mirrored, which adds another twist and cherry on top.

Image via KiloSwiss

With every crucial spot and position unchanged in a major way, KiloSwiss deserves nothing but applause for making the dreams of many CS:GO players come true.

Image via KiloSwiss

Still, it’s extremely unlikely that any of these CS:GO maps will make it to the official game. They can still be downloaded by players themselves and enjoyed on custom-made servers with friends, however. If you’re looking for a breath of fresh air, gather your buddies and download the maps from the Workshop.