CS:GO legend opens 2 identical knives in the same livestream

Former Fnatic and FaZe Clan CS:GO legend olofmeister has done what most players thought was impossible. The Swede was opening skin cases during a live stream on May 25 when he somehow got the same knife twice in mere minutes.

The knife in question is the Shadow Daggers: Bright Water. Unlike what was spread in the community, olofmeister didn’t open two knives in a row. He first opened a Factory New edition of the Shadow Daggers: Bright Water and 16 skin cases after, he got the same knife, but this time it was Minimal Wear.

Ever since 2017, when Valve disclosed the odds of the CS:GO loot boxes, fans know exactly what are the odds of opening a skin case and getting a knife. The chances of obtaining a knife through this method are just 0.26 percent, which means players will most likely get one knife in roughly 385 attempts.

Despite being incredibly rare to get two CS:GO knives in such a short time, olofmeister wasn’t happy with the result. This is because the Shadow Daggers: Bright Water is one of the cheapest knives available in the Steam Community Market. The Factory New version has a starting price of 163.50 at the time of this writing, while the Minimal Wear version has a starting price of $138.

While we don’t know what use olofmeister will make of his new two Shadow Daggers: Bright Water, it’s more than likely that he’ll run giveaways for his fans or simply sell or trade them for better cosmetics in one of the CS:GO third-party skin websites to keep only truly valuable items on his Steam inventory.

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