CS:GO pro wins 1-vs-1 clutch at BLAST Paris Major with a knife kill

Sometimes when playing CS:GO, you run out of bullets and there’s no other option than pulling out a knife in front of your armed opponent. This can happen to anyone and Heroic’s star player Jakob “Jabbi” Nygaard showed everybody watching the BLAST Paris Major from home on May 14 how to use the knife to your advantage and get the job done.

Jabbi was left in a one-vs-two clutch in the first round of Heroic vs. Team Liquid on Inferno in the BLAST Paris Major Legends Stage’s advancement match and he ran out of USP-S ammo after taking down nitr0 and trying to kill Joshua “oSee” Ohm. Instead of panicking like almost every other player would have done at that moment, jabbi pulled out the knife and brilliantly used his movement skills to get in oSee’s face and finish him off with a knife kill.

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Jabbi’s efforts were not in vain because he managed to defuse the bomb with almost no time left and secured the first pistol for Heroic. He was also rewarded $1,500 for the knife kill and was able to drop an AWP to cadiaN in the second round, which helped the Danish team dominate Liquid in terms of weaponry from the very beginning of the map and secure an 11-4 advantage in the first half.

It’s also symbolic that jabbi was the one to pull off this important clutch given what he has done for Heroic so far this season. The young Dane rifler is one of the reasons Heroic are one of the best CS:GO teams in the world and keep fighting for the trophy in every event as he’s averaging the highest rating on the team in 2023—1.14, according to HLTV.

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