CS:GO pros have been avoiding one map at BLAST Paris Major

The Challengers Stage of BLAST.tv Paris CS:GO Major concluded on May 11, and as expected, it featured all seven maps of the active map pool, though one of them was played far less than the others.

Teams participating in the Challengers Stage of the last CS:GO Major played Vertigo only twice, according to HLTV. The map is currently the least popular by a far margin, with Ancient and Overpass having been played seven times so far, while Anubis has been featured on the servers eight times.

As could have been expected, the rankings are spearheaded by three classic Counter-Strike maps—Nuke, Inferno, and Mirage—which almost always take the crown of the most played in A-tier tournaments. Each of them has appeared nine times so far, and the numbers are only expected to increase from now on.

Luckily for Vertigo lovers, there are some teams in the Legends Stage of BLAST.tv Paris Major who will most certainly try to sneak the map through vetos. One of them is Polish squad 9INE, who have played Vertigo 24 times in the past three months with a stunning 88 percent win rate on it, according to HLTV.

There are also some teams for whom Vertigo is a permanently banned map, like Natus Vincere, who haven’t played it even once in the last three months, according to HLTV. So don’t expect it in every upcoming series of the Parisian Major.

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The Legends Stage of BLAST.tv Paris CS:GO Major kicks off on Saturday, May 13. You can follow the results and check the schedule in our dedicated hub.

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