CS:GO pulls in 1 million concurrent players during the 10th anniversary

The title is still a favourite for many to play – no doubt fuelled by birthday nostalgia.

While we did bemoan the fact that Valve wasn’t doing anything significant for the 10th anniversary, the loyal player base is still thronging to the servers to play around with CS:GO even as we speak. In fact, the number is consistently high – around a million concurrent players.

According to a post on the official subreddit, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive saw 1,029,351 million concurrent players on Saturday. This is just 10,000 fewer players than the peak that the game saw in August, based on numbers from Steamcharts.com.

This number is not surprising as the numbers from Steamchart show that the title has seen an uptake in player numbers since the middle of the year – with the highest number recorded in March of this year. During the height of the pandemic (between Nov 2020 and May 2021), the game reported over 1 million concurrent players monthly.

The 10th anniversary of the game this year may have contributed to the constantly high numbers – with players logging in expecting something big from Valve.

While the 1 million numbers may be just short bursts, Valve reports that it is still averaging over 20 million monthly unique players over the past 12 months, and the high numbers in the recent Major events such as PGL Antwerp Major and PGL Stockholm Major.