ESL Pro League Season 16: NAVI and Outsiders continue their journey in the playoffs

FURIA and Heroic are the unfortunate ones that had to be sent home this time around.

The Round of 12 for the ESL Pro League Season 16 has concluded. The final two matches were Heroic vs Natus Vincere and FURIA Esports vs Outsiders. Both matches saw some of the best teams in CS:GO today battle against each other to see who is the best team, before they head into the quarterfinals.

FURIA EsportsvsOutsiders

South America meets Europe in this 5v5 matchup between Group B and D. The two teams did not finish at the top of their tables in their respective groups but are still some of the top teams in the scene right now. Their match begins on Ancient, with Outsiders opening strong as they grabbed the first few wins. It took FURIA until round 12 to catch up to Outsiders, but they then ended the half with a one-point lead. In the second half though, FURIA just blitzed through and ultimately won the map by round 27 with a score of 16-11.

Vertigo was next, and Outsiders awoke the beast inside of them. It was their turn to blitz through FURIA’s defences, ending the first half with a lead of five points. It was touch-and-go for a while, but the Russians managed to turn around and win the map 16-10.

Inferno is where we see Outsiders flex their stuff. They left FURIA in the dust by the end of the first half with a lead of seven points, and then easily mopped up the second half by round 22. Outsiders won 16-6.

Outsiders move on to the quarterfinals where they will be meeting Team Vitality.

HeroicvsNatus Vincere

The best in the world met up with one of the best in Europe in this CIS versus Europe match. The first map, Mirage, saw Heroic building a comfortable three-point lead by the end of the first half. While the Heroic roster dominated the match in points and kills, it was not enough to curb NAVI as they bulldozed their defences in the second half and caught up on round 28 to tie with Heroic. Two more wins by round 30 sealed the deal as Navi won the map 16-14.

On Inferno, it was Heroic’s time to shine. The team did fall behind by the end of the first half, but they managed to catch up to NAVI by round 28 and like NAVI, just needed the last two wins by round 30 to win 16-14.

Heroic seemed to have lost their steam by the third map, Overpass, as they were well behind NAVI by the end of the first half by five points, and NAVI easily ended the map and the match by round 22. NAVI won 16-7.

Natus Vincere moves on to the next stage, where they will be meeting G2 Esports.