FaZe exact revenge against CS:GO nemesis to survive at BLAST Paris Major

Bad News Eagles are widely known to be FaZe Clan’s nemesis in the CS:GO community. But on May 15, karrigan and crew managed to overcome their demons in the 1-2 bracket of the BLAST Paris CS:GO Major.

FaZe beat BNE in a tight 2-1 series in the elimination bracket, which could have gone either way. But due to some phenomenal individual performances and mental resilience, FaZe will have a shot at qualifying for the Champions Stage tomorrow after they advanced to the 2-2 bracket.

The series began on Overpass, which was FaZe’s map pick. The PGL Antwerp CS:GO Major winners were demolished on the map, though, winning merely three rounds. And just as it seemed they couldn’t get over the line against their rivals, they stopped BNE’s comebacks on Mirage and Inferno, securing the victory.

Historically speaking, FaZe and BNE have previously met three times. The first one was a best-of-one game at the Belgian Major, which was won by karrigan and his team. Later on, the two squads met again, this time in Brazil at the IEM Rio CS:GO Major, where BNE eliminated FaZe from the tournament. BNE also got the better of FaZe in the European RMR A, defeating them with a 2-0 score.

The Eagles won’t be flying and haunting FaZe in their dreams today, though. Karrigan and crew are one of the favorites to hoist the trophy in Paris, though they need one more win to book their tickets to the playoffs. Their next opponent will be known after May 15’s matches conclude, with the series scheduled to take place on May 16.

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