FaZe’s CS:GO team costs over $500K a month, according to org personality

Everyone who follows CS:GO esports should expect a top-tier team to cost a lot of money to operate, but FaZe Clan’s team supposedly costs more than $500,000 every month, according to longtime FaZe content creator Rain.

The popular influencer released a YouTube video on May 23 in which he revealed the supposed costs of running the organization by sharing the monthly costs of each esports division. In his video, Rain claimed it takes $576,000 per month to run FaZe’s CS:GO squad. He also said that the team generates a lot of revenue, $514,000, to be exact.

While the supposed costs are huge, if the CS:GO team does generate more than $500,000 every month, it’s doing fairly well when compared to other esports divisions, most of which produce nothing but expenses every month. Rain summed up the supposed financial loss organization suffers monthly, which peaked at $756,000 when you combine all the esports squads in numerous games that FaZe has.

The validity and reliability of Rain’s figures are still unknown, as Ben Nissim, a former FaZe employee and current co-host of The Flank podcast hosted by FaZe content creator ZooMaa, said that “if the show spent $33k a month, [he] wouldn’t be hosting and doing setup for [their] live shows.”

The high-dollar price of FaZe’s CS:GO team is not that hard to believe, however, as the roster is comprised of some of the most well-known and skilled players around the globe, like karrigan, ropz, and rain (a different person from Rain). The enormous salaries top CS:GO individuals get have been discussed numerous times in the past few years. So it would not be all that surprising that these players earn more than $500,000 per month collectively.

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FaZe’s CS:GO team is also something the organization would likely love to stick to since they have been fairly successful in the last year and a half. Since the beginning of 2022, FaZe claimed the Intel Grand Slam season three by winning a few pivotal trophies, like IEM Katowice 2022 and IEM Cologne 2022. They also secured the organization’s first and only CS:GO Major in Antwerp last year.

The organization is yet to respond to the backlash from Rain and his claims made in the video.

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