Greedy CS:GO knife fail turns into a spectacular Deagle ace

One of the unquestionable appeals of CS:GO is the ability of any moment to turn completely on its head. Even the most “in the bag” rounds of Counter-Strike have proven to be losable. Especially when your squad is winning a round big, greed can get in your way. The silver lining is that sometimes, that greed results in a truly magnificent Desert Eagle ace. All kinds of sacrifices are welcome for a quality highlight.

The Reddit hero of today is LobsterThoughtz, who has a greedy knife attempt to thank for one of his better highlights. Lobster, CS:GO nickname souLT, and his teammate are pinned down in banana on Inferno during their T-side. It’s the second round of the game and both are holding pistols after an unsuccessful first round. Going against five moderately armed counter-terrorists, their chances of a victory aren’t terribly high, especially with a lurker going for a literal stab in the back while souLT and his mate are looking toward the upper end of banana.

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The lurker, unbeknownst to himself, created a beautiful example of why greed is bad whatever the context. Knife out, the player wanted to take down the last remaining enemies in style. To their credit, he partially succeeded in this sinister quest. Lobster’s teammate felt the touch of cold steel in their back. The same fate was planned for souLT, but souLT and his Desert Eagle had other ideas.

By the time the knifer finished their lurk and took down the first terrorist, souLT was already working magic. One Deagle heashot became another, and another. The counter-terrorists were losing teammates by the second. It was up to the lurk to save the round, but remember, the lurker was greedy. After knifing the first opponent, they go for another knife, but souLT knew. A quick turnaround and a fourth headshot in a row left souLT one-vs-one with a shaken Scout carrier.

Failed knife gave me the Ace
by u/LobsterThoughtz in csgo

There was no way our Reddit hero was not completing this ace. The trembling CT threw away the Scout in favor of a pistol, but that was a losing strategy. The fifth deagle kill of the round for souLT completed a truly impressive ace ignited by pure CS:GO greed.

As silly as that knife attempt looks now, we’ve all been there. At least it was just the second round.

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