How to Moan in CS:GO

Usually, the CS:GO console is for serious players wanting to set up binds for convenience and more efficient setups. So things like setting up crosshairs, radars, and anything that increases performance in-game are by far the majority of reasons people use the CS:GO console.

But, those not interested in leveling up their game have figured out ways to use the console for fun. One of the most popular ones members of the community have learned to do is to make moaning sounds freely.

Here is how you can set up your binds so you can moan in your next Counter-Strike game.

How CS:GO’s moaning sound works

Image via Valve

In-game characters at times make noises while things are happening throughout the game, like taking shots or getting kills. Funnily enough, characters make moaning noises when they die. And now people have figured out how to make this a regular occurrence.

This can be done by setting a specific keybind and pairing it with a command to play the sound effect at will. When this is done, the radio command of the moaning sound will be played.

Since it is a normal radio command, the entire CS:GO team will be able to hear the sound whenever the command is activated.

Step-by-step commands to moan in CS:GO

  • Open the console
    • Launch CS:GO, then go to “Settings”
    • Go to “Game”
    • Search for “Enable Developer Console” and change it to “Yes”
    • Click “~” to open the console
  • Type bind <key> “playerradio deathcry moan”

For the “<key>” tag, this is where you will be able to put any bind you want in place of the keys. So if you want your bind to be “Q”, then yours will look like bind Q “playerradio deathcry moan”.

Unfortunately, Valve has disabled the command in normal matchmaking, so these moaning sounds will only be able to be done while sv_cheats is on. So, for those unsure of how to turn on sv_cheats, the following steps are how you would make that happen.

How to enable sv_cheats

  • Go to a custom CS:GO lobby
  • Type sv_cheats 1
  • Type sv_playerradio_use_allowlist 0

Once this is all finished, players will finally be able to spam moans in their next custom CS:GO game and it is one that is sure to garner a few laughs amongst friends.