Most-viewed CS:GO esports events in 2022

In 2022, CS:GO esports returned to LAN in an impressive fashion, bringing the tournaments to numerous countries across the globe.

After almost two full years in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic, where many tournaments had to escape to an online world, fans were more than thrilled to be able to travel the world to see their favorite CS:GO teams play live. Those who couldn’t make the event in person were following them online, and the viewership numbers are live proof of that.

Four of the S-tier CS:GO tournaments are among the top 10 most-viewed events in the scene of all time in terms of peak viewers, according to Esports Charts. Most of them are renowned ones, who have been organized for years, like IEM Katowice. Others stand out above others by being official, Valve-sponsored Majors.

Without further ado, here are the top five most-viewed CS:GO esports events in 2022.

PGL CS:GO Antwerp Major 2022

The Belgian Major was the most-viewed CS:GO tournament of the year with an eye-watering 2,113,610 peak viewers, according to Esports Charts. In the tournament, FaZe Clan continued their championship run by defeating their main rivals in the first half of the year, Natus Vincere, in the grand final. The event also accumulated 68,098,937 hours watched during 116 hours of airtime, which was the second-best result this year.

IEM CS:GO Rio Major 2022

Photo by Stephanie Lindgren via ESL Gaming

The Major in Brazil had more hours watched than the one in Antwerp, since it recorded an astounding 69,517,244 hours, which was the second-best result in the game’s history (with the number one being PGL Stockholm Major 2021, both in terms of peak viewers and hours watched), despite only having 10 more hours of airtime than the Antwerpian one. On the other hand,the event in Brazil had “only” 1,428,993 peak viewers. This number, interestingly enough, wasn’t produced during the final, but during NAVI and FURIA’s quarterfinal match, where the Brazilians upset s1mple’s men.

IEM Cologne 2022

There are two S-tier events that take place every year in CS:GO esports, and they have cemented themselves as two of the most prestigious tournaments in the industry. One of them is IEM Cologne 2022, which saw 1,249,426 peak viewers this year. The event also boasted 25,831,189 hours watched during 93 hours of airtime. In Germany, the audience was able to see FaZe hoist their fourth trophy of the year, and the last one of 2022.

IEM Katowice 2022

Photo by Stephanie Lindgren via ESL Gamin

Another prestigious esports tournament is IEM Katowice 2022. The CS:GO competition in Poland placed fourth with 1,122,015 peak viewers and 29,936,138 hours watched. It produced one of the greatest finals in the history of CS:GO, with FaZe taking down G2 Esports in a best-of-five series with a stand-in in the form of Justin “jks” Savage. While FaZe won 3:0, two maps went to overtime, while the third one took 30 rounds to conclude, making it one of the fiercest series in history.

BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2022

NAVI claimed only one S-tier trophy this year, and it was during their BLAST Premier Spring Finals 2022 run in Lisbon. On their way to the silverware, they took down their rivals, FaZe, OG, and Team Vitality. The event in Portugal didn’t cross the one million milestone in terms of peak viewers, but still had a lot of people tuning in to watch online, with 762,885 peak viewers and 12,804,165 hours watched during 45 hours of airtime.