One CS:GO team has the 2 best players of the Paris Major Challengers Stage

The first phase of the BLAST Paris CS:GO Major’s Challengers Stage finished on May 11 with Team Liquid taking the final Legends Stage spot. But another team, G2 Esports, houses the two best players of the event thus far in m0NESY and Justin “jks” Savage.

M0NESY undoubtedly had the highest impact of all 80 players who competed in the Challengers Stage. The Russian prodigy produced nearly 100 kills in the four maps G2 played throughout the phase against The Mongolz, Complexity, and Apeks. He was most notably great against Complexity, where he finished with a 34-9 K/D on Inferno and was one of the reasons why G2 defeated them 16-9.

Jks, on the other hand, had his best showing versus Apeks, which was the only best-of-three G2 played. He had 23 kills on Anubis and 21 kills on Inferno against the European team. The statistic that stands out the most is the fact that jks died in less than 50 percent of the rounds G2 played in the Challengers Stage, which is excellent for a player who anchors bomb sites.

Player Rating K/D K-D difference Kills per round KAST (Kill, Assist, Survived, Traded) ADR Impact Headshot percentage
m0NESY 1.49 1.78 +40 0.93 78.6 percent 88.7 percent 1.66 31.9 percent
jks 1.38 1.71 +34 0.84 82.7 percent 84.8 percent 1.24 63.4 percent

m0NESY and jks‘ numbers (Source: HLTV)

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While m0NESY has been a steady carry throughout the whole year, jks is more of a third star to him and NiKo. In the Challengers Stage, however, the Australian performed better than NiKo, which shows G2 aren’t just relying on m0NESY and NiKo’s carrying potential to win matches.

If HooXi can activate jks in the Legends Stage of the BLAST Paris Major similarly to what he did in the Challengers Stage, G2 should have no trouble reaching the playoffs and fighting for the trophy of the last CS:GO Major.

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