‘Tomorrow all your lies will come out’: S1mple claps back in messy hotel debacle

Professional Counter-Strike player for Natus Vincere Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev claimed yesterday that hotel rooms provided by ESL for the Pro League Season 16 playoffs in Malta had unlivable conditions, including ants and moldy ventilators. The moldy hotel saga continued today, with new statements from both the pro player and the hotel.

The hotel stated the Ukrainian CS:GO player spent three weeks “eating, drinking and ordering takeout” and refused to let staff enter his room “under any circumstance,” according to a report from Ana Tortell from Maltese media platform Lovin Malta today. The Maltese hotel alleged that s1mple left a “do not disturb” sign on his door, preventing the room from being cleaned and leading to ants and mold building up over his three-week stay. 

Additionally, the hotel described s1mple’s original tweets as “misleading.” The player, the hotel claims, left his hotel room in disarray, with food remnants scattered around his hotel room and would leave old food in the hotel corridors.

S1mple responded to the article sharing the hotel’s response. “The room was cleaned when I returned to Malta on 10th Sept and the mold was always there,” the CS:GO player wrote. “I have never scattered food in my room, I am not that dirty LOL.” 

Originally, the CS:GO player voiced his grievances on Twitter yesterday, saying his hotel room in Malta was covered in ants with mold surrounding the ventilation system. “ESL wake up and tell your employees to remember what professionalism is, terrible communication with the teams and with this shit hotel,” s1mple wrote.

His chain of tweets eventually led to a response from ESL, with the tournament organizers responding that the organizer has “had a fairly active dialog with all teams and players since the start of EPL” and that the hotel was of “high standard.”

S1mple responded to the hotel’s comments today, hinting at more details coming to the surface soon: “Tomorrow all your lies will come out.”