Woro2k proves s1mple wrong, fuels Monte to Paris CS:GO Major playoffs with win over NAVI

After Ukrainian CS:GO team Monte made quick work of Natus Vincere on May 15 to qualify for the BLAST Paris Major Champions Stage, the community clearly saw that Monte’s AWPer Volodymyr “Woro2k” Veletnjuk isn’t as bad as s1mple said in September 2022. They faced one another today for the first time since their past internet beef and Woro2k was way more impactful for his team than s1mple was for NAVI.

Woro2k got his revenge in the best way possible as he finished the 2-0 victory with 37 kills, just 24 deaths, and a 1.42 rating, according to HLTV. S1mple, on the other hand, finished with a 22-39 K/D and an abysmal 0.62 rating, and had to accept that Woro2k was better than him today, which contradicts what he said in 2022.

“One day you will understand what team play in FPS games means and maybe you will start open your mouth and give info so other players will enjoy playing,” s1mple, the CS:GO GOAT, told Woro2k last year after playing with him in a charity match. “I think you [are a] stupid player, that’s what I think.”

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Screenshot via HLTV

As you can see in the statistics above, it wasn’t only Woro2k who got sweet revenge against s1mple. Viktor “sdy” Orudzhev was essentially kicked from NAVI ahead of the 2023 season and restarted his career under the Monte banner, and he completely dominated NAVI at the BLAST Paris Major on May 15. He posted a 43-22 K/D ratio and an outstanding 102.0 ADR while also in-game leading for Monte.

While Monte, Woro2k, and sdy have secured a top-eight finish at the Major and will play in front of the crowd at Accor Arena during the playoffs, NAVI will have just one more shot to reach the Champions Stage. S1mple and crew will return to the server tomorrow, May 16, for their final Legends Stage game.

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