Announcing Talent for WePlay Academy League Season 2

With WePlay Academy League Season 2 starting this Tuesday, September 28th, we’re pleased to announce the talent lineups for the English and Russian broadcasts!

English panel

  • James Banks (Host)
  • Anastasija “Heccu” Tolmacheva (Host)
  • Alex “Mauisnake” Ellenberg (Analyst)
  • Jacob “Pimp” Winneche (Analyst)
  • Conner “Scrawny” Girvan (Commentator)
  • Mohan “launders” Govindasamy (Commentator)

Russian panel

  • Antonina “Tonya” Predko (Host)
  • Dmitry “hooch” Bogdanov (Analyst)
  • Oleksandr “Shockwave” Netreba (Analyst)
  • Mykhailo “kane” Blagin (Analyst)
  • Alexey “yXo” Maletskiy (Commentator)
  • Alexander “Enkanis” Polishchuk (Commentator)
  • Yuriy “strike” Tereshchenko (Commentator)

You can watch WePlay Academy League Season 2 on Twitch, on our Smart TV app, or on our Event page! Be sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with all things WePlay Academy League!