CS:GO Mobile – How to play on an Android or iOS phone?

Counter Strike Global Offensive Mobile – is there an Android or iOS version of this game? If so, how to play and download such a game?

CS:GO Mobile

Have you seen information on the Internet about the available versions of CS:GO for Android or iOS smartphones? On YouTube, you found videos that show that the recording person has CS:GO on their phone? So, how do you download a game like this on your phone if I can’t find such an app on Google Play or the App Store?

You can’t play CS:GO on your phone using a separate app that was designed for Android or iOS – but you can still try to play CS:GO via game streaming like GeForce Now. However, the downside of game streaming is that you must have the game purchased on a gaming platform (Steam), and game streaming services are paid. Despite the payment, there are still limits to FPS, game time on a given day, or availability.