ALL 30 ACES at IEM Cologne 2021

IEM Cologne had an almost unprecedented amount of ACE plays!
Here’s all 30 Aces that happened across the play-ins, Group Stage and Finals.

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00:00 exit vs. Team Spirit
00:59 tabsen vs. Sprout
01:30 michu vs. FaZe
04:14 aliStair vs. MIBR
05:01 slaxz- vs. Team One
06:17 hAdji vs. Complexity
06:59 mantuu vs. Renegades
08:43 ropz vs. EG
10:34 Grim vs. NiP
11:54 device vs. Team Liquid
14:07 Hobbit vs. Mouz
16:11 Bymas vs. Gambit
17:02 ropz vs. Gambit
18:05 Ax1le vs. Mouz
20:13 blameF vs. G2
21:30 NiKo vs. Complexity
22:13 s1mple vs. Renegades
22:53 Twistzz vs. Astralis
23:30 Twistzz vs. Astralis 2
24:30 buster vs. Complexity
25:15 EliGE vs. BIG
26:40 tabseN vs. Team Liquid
27:42 ZywOo vs. NaVi
29:22 k1to vs. buster
31:35 s1mple vs. Astralis
32:34 s1mple vs. Astralis 2
34:09 Bubzkji vs. Virtus.Pro
35:23 broky vs. Gambit
36:58 s1mple vs. G2
38:29 nexa vs. NaVi