s1mple Major Plays That Shocked The CSGO Universe!

Top 10 iconic csgo major highlights from s1mple! 5 days before CS:GO 2021 PGL Major in Stockholm! We brought to you our new csgo fragmovie: NAVI simple – The 10 Legendary CS:GO Major Plays
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s1mple Major Plays That Shocked The CSGO Universe!
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In this video:
0:08 – Team Liquid s1mple vs. Counter Logic Gaming 4k
0:24 – s1mple 3k and knife on reltuC – Mirage
0:33 – s1mple’s double knife NiKo and kennyS
0:47 – s1mple graffiti cache moment (double no scope) vs fnatic
0:57 – s1mple insane flick on dennis
1:10 – s1mple 300 iq kill at ELEAGUE Atlanta Major
1:30 – s1mple AK-47 ace vs G2 Esports Overpass
1:45 – s1mple sick deagle 3k vs FaZe Clan
2:00 – s1mple awp collateral vs ENCE
2:17 – s1mple train collateral and 4k vs ENCE

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